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Meeting with Local Doctors and Lamas

February 26, 2012

Journal Entry, 09/15/2011

This morning we had a successful meeting with the local doctors.  Lama Namgyal, Amchi Pema and Lama Karma met with me from 9-11am at the Tibetan medicine outpost to talk about our shared project of starting a school to train a future generation of doctors of Tibetan medicine for the region.

I opened the meeting by asking them to offer a prayer to Sangye Menla, which lasted 5 minutes or so.  Then I introduced Mingmar who video taped the meeting.  I mentioned that I am the representative of an American contingent and that we would tape the meeting so that the rest of our board of directors could also take part in the meeting, throug hthe video.

I shared our mission statement and core values with the leaders and they liked it very much.

I explained my role of overseeing the project, arranging for the teachers, choice of students, connecting donors to the project and fundraising in the West so that our project leaves the realm of mere ideas to that of reality.

I repeated how much I respect them as doctors and lamas but that at times I must be cutting and straight forward.

We talked about whether or not we would include our school to match the government curriculum for a school for Tibetan medicine.

The meeting ended on a positive note and they offered me a beautiful yellow silk katak with the auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism along with their blessings.

In my last 4 days of Dolpo I will meet with thm two more times to continue making our plans.

I should also write that Phurba, my friend and translator for the meeting, did a fantasitc job.  I was happy to have him by my side facilitating the meeting.  Our communication was effortless as a result of his skill.

Amchi Pema Preparing Medicine

Old pechas (Buddhist texts) on medicine, and antique medicine pouch

Amchi Pema, taking a pulse in order to diagnose a patient's condition

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