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Footage of the Dolpo School of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine

October 9, 2012

I thought it would be nice to begin sharing a few specific details of our project in Dolpo.  The Dolpo School of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine will be located in the Tarap Valley of Dolpo Nepal.  At this altitude, (4000m, 1323ft), building can be an issue, as all timbers other building materials must be brought up from lower altitudes.

Fortunately, we already have a building to use for our school.  A similar building in the area built within the last few years cost nearly 70,000 Euro, so we are quite fortunate to have our building in place, ready for our teachers and students to begin classes.

I took these video clips during my last trip to Dolpo, in 2011, knowing that our donors and friends would like to see where our classes will be held and what our buildings look like.

The first clip is a walk around our main classroom space.

This second clip is short, but one can see the Tibetan style paintings of Tenzin Norbu, a Dolpopa thanka painter.  The images are of amchi (Tibetan doctors) taking pulses of patients, picking herbs, a nursing mother, a show leopard, and a yak.  All familiar iconography to region.

The third clip, I am walking around our building towards the gate.  Lower down from our building is the Crystal Mountain School, where the local children attend elementary school.  We have a good relationship with the school’s sponsor, Action Dolpo, a French NGO, who are the first to bring government education to the Dolpopas.

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