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Help Start the Dolpo School of Tibetan Buddhist Mecicine: Invitation to Fundraiser at Revolution Brewing

August 14, 2014



Some of you may know about the non-profit work I do with Himalaya Project NFP in my free time. 

I would like to invite you to a fundraising event Himalaya Project is hosting, October 26th at Revolution Brewing in support of our crowd-funding, Indiegogo campaign launch.

In our 30 day, we hope to raise enough funds for our project in Dolpo Nepal in order to start a school for Tibetan Buddhist medicine.

It would be really great if you could come out in support and have a good time with us!

At the event will be a the screening of the promotional film short for our project. Ticket includes open bar of craft beers from Revolution Brewing as well as appetizers.

It will be a time of celebration of all that it has taken to get us to this point and all the good work we will do together going forward.

Click the link here: Indiegogo Launch Party! and save $10 on your entrance fee through Eventbrite.

Request to share with network:
I will plan on updating you briefly as we get closer to our Indiegogo launch.
At that time, I’ll send you all the info for you to share with your network via email so our campaign reaches as widely as possible and goes “viral” as the kids say.
It would be great if when the campaign goes live in October, if you could be generously share our campaign with your personal network as well as any other network you have access to such as your network on Facebook, newsletter, or other organizations’ list serves in Nepal, etc.  
Just the simple act of spreading the campaign via email for us would be a very generous action and would benefit our project and the people of Dolpo directly.
Thank you!


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