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Moving Forward | The Journey Continues in 2015

March 12, 2015

2014 was a landmark year for Himalaya Project and our soon to open school for Tibetan medicine in Nepal.

Most notably, our team and supporters successfully established the lion’s share of funds needed to support our school for Tibetan medicine for the full 5 years through our successful Indiegogo campaign.

Since the campaign ended on November 26th, we have also received an additional $18,000 from private donors and two generous foundation grants.

With this strong financial base, our board can now turn its full attention towards implementation of the school.

As we move on into 2015, we look forward to keeping you informed on our progress as we make our ascent towards Day 1: the opening of our school for Tibetan medicine in Dolpo, Nepal.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for joining us and we hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far.

At the Drawing Board | Processes and Action Plans for 2015

Our board of directors, advisory board, and a host of volunteers now turn our attention towards activities that move us closer to the opening of our school on Day 1, such as identifying key challenges, utilizing creative problem solving to address these challenges, and implementing effective action plans to accomplish individual tasks. Our goal is to move as effectively and efficiently through these processes as possible, while creatively and directly meeting the challenges we face, head on.

Summary of our work thus far in 2015:

Our January board meeting included an extremely active and productive brainstorming session on what needs to be accomplished before the doors of our school can open. We begain to list out all the action steps needed to accomplish before the opening of our school.

At our February board meeting, we followed up by grouping these individual items into core areas of concern. Each board member then took responsibility for a specific group of action items.  At our upcoming March board meeting, we’ll set the start / completion date for each of these individual tasks to ensure our school can open as soon as possible.

At the end of February, Mark Sobralske visited key Dolpopa in Nepal for a round of meetings to discuss next steps as a team in 2015.

Check back in next month for more news on where we’re at with our processes and action plans!

An Introduction to Your Himalaya Project Board of Directors

We’ve recently expanded both our board of directors and advisory board with new members who bring much talent and experience to the table for which we will utilize in the coming year.

Mason Stabler – Social Media Director, masters student at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Dylan Lott – Director, doctoral candidate of anthropology at UIC – Chicago, Mind & Life Institute Fellow

Dr. Lori Howell, Education Director, private practice practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and instructor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Kenny Wong – Director, third year Philosophy and International Studies major at the University of Chicago, employed at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Mark Sobralske – Executive Director, private practice practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, student at University of Chicago

Ryan Davenport – Director, private practice practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine and instructor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Featured Adviser of the Month | Chime Lama

Each month, we’ll introduce to you a member of our team; either a director, adviser, or volunteer, so you get a chance to know a little more about each of our members.

This month, we are pleased to introduce you to Chime Lama.

Chime Lama is an M.A. student at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School, focusing on Buddhism with an emphasis in Tibetan language, both literary and spoken.

Chime Lama’s past research experience includes Buddhist Retreat in Mongolia, 2009, as well as Mahamudra in Essence and Tradition, 2010.

Since joining our advisory board, Chime Lama has taken an active role in our monthly processeses and plans for 2015.

Later in the year, she will play an integral role in facilitating communication between our board of directors and key leaders of Dolpo, whose first language is Tibetan.

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